Monday, January 6, 2020

Close up of castle. First sculpture Palm Beach 2019 

Two koala hugging. I had in mind my sone and his fiancé.
The sculpture lasted overnight .

This picture of koala with the rising sun in the background
 touched peoples hearts due to the many bush fires in  Australia
And the terrible loss of life, human and animal. 

Last sculpture of  holiday at Palm Beach Queensland .. Pocket watch with key . 

Knight chess piece.

My “go to “ simple relaxation sculpture.

Prawn with surfing dawn. 

First time night sculpting on New Year’s Eve . 

Bribie Island Greek Festival Deign 

Finished piece with me to show scale. 

Port Adelaide sand exhibition April 2019 “The Jungle Book” working with local and international master sculptors was an incredible honour and very humbling.
My side of this huge pile.

Ten days of sculpting 

Mowgli, Barloo and Bagheera discover the ‘Man” village 

My finished piece. Credit to master sculptor Marielle Heessels from the Netherlands for sculpting the girl. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Plasticine model of my sculpture at the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships 2019

My ten tonne pile of sand.

The beginning is always the hardest part.

Starting to take shape. I love it when the sculpture begins to look like my drawing.

More detail. One day down , one and a half days to go.

Close up of the inventor of the mechanical fish sub.

Different lighting gives the sand a different colour
This lovely photograph taken by my brother Emanuel

The Two Peters! This was the first year the competition included a team section .Though each sculptor created their own sculpture , together the sculptures should tell one story. So my sculpture was of a an old world adventurer/inventor in his mechanical (steam punk style) submarine beginning his "ODYSSEY"exploring the sea depths. (Note the porthole)

 Peter's sculpture continues the story by taking a view from the inside or the sub looking out through the porthole into the depths. so glad we went with the steampunk idea. We won first prize in the team section !! Peter did well to finish as the top front part of the porthole collapsed on the second day. But he kept his cool and repaired it to perfection !

Jelly Fish for new "Sea Jellies Illuminated " exhibit at  Sea World

Small beach sculpture. I was practicing portholes and rivets.

Mechanical penguin

More practice for upcoming comp at Surfers paradise



Monday, July 2, 2018









Bribie Island Greek festival 

Noah's Ark

Sketch /Plan

Mid June Proposal sand sculpture

Created on Bribie Island (Dog beach )
She said YES!