Thursday, January 14, 2010



After a collapse

Old garbage bin

"How long have you been working on this?"

Dinosaur Head

Dino Teeth

Man Emerging from Well

Exhausted Man

Castle Experiment

Birthday Clown


"Rat" the early years

Dog Trial

Fire hydrant

Hydrant first stage

Artist leftovers

Taleb the artist

Human Experiment

For Jonah ..seriously!

Marty the Brain and Drain



Birth of the Troll

Pig's Breakfast

Sahli Sunset

Old face


Dude without glasses

Woman's face?

"Muso Dude"

Was thinking musician...


Is that door really opened?

Grumpy Sand Man

I realized I had filled the forms too close to the invading tide, so I reflected my distress in the expression on the face.


He lost his head and one hand, but still looked ok !

Hmm..what next?...a bin or a barrel?

Ready to sculpt the barrel and make it look like wood.

Emerging Man

Using forms to build higher

Creating the sculpture higher meant using a form.
I made mine from plywood.

One of my first sand carvings